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The Law of attraction Meditations CD

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Joy and Riches Meditation CD

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The power of gratitude Meditation CD

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Attract more love into your life (only $ 9,95 )
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Relationship Improvement Meditation (17.00min)
Want your relationship to survive? This meditation will improve your relation with your partner. It will help you calm your anger and remind you those precious moments when you fell in love with your partner. You’ll start seeing the good things in each other ultimately helping you to rebuild your relationship.



Attract More Love into Your Life (21.19min)
Is there lack of love in your life? This meditation helps you to open your heart to the most powerful energy of the world i.e., love. It will increase your ability to love others as well as yourself. You’ll be able to attract more love and happiness in your life.



Attract Your Soul Mate (17.31min)
Looking for your soul mate? This meditation will help you to get your perfect life partner. You’ll be able to catch the attention of any person that you want in your life as your soul mate.

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The law of attraction meditations are really, really helpful & great in every way! All the positive thoughts have really improved the relationship with my wife. Thank you secretmeditations. John California
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